Restorative Practices International

Sharing Practice, Building Connections: Together Making a Difference

Welcome to Restorative Practices International – a professional member association
developed by practitioners for practitioners.

Restorative Practices International (RPI) is a not-for-profit, independent, professional member association that supports the development of restorative practice in schools, prisons, workplaces, organisations, families and communities.

RPI is committed to connecting practitioners around the globe and creating opportunities to share and learn from one another. We strongly believe that our work in these fields will be strengthened by our ability to:

  • develop and maintain best practice
  • learn from diverse areas of practice
  • enhance networking within the field
  • share developments, and
  • work together

Our Vision

A World Community connected in harmony through Restorative Practices





Our Mission

To improve the quality and scope of Restorative Justice practice across the world by developing and supporting practitioners through professional development and information sharing.



Transformations: Empowering Youth and Communities Through Restorative Practices

April 9-10 at Rochester Institute of Technology

Our program will help you learn more about ways to:

  • Inspire students to learn and grow using restorative practices in schools
  • Build restorative approaches to community issues
  • Empower people to participate in restorative justice

Want to know more? Click here for the program and the presenter bios



Affect & Emotion in the Restorative School

10th  May -> Brisbane; 31st May -> Sunshine Coast; 19th July -> Gold Coast

Understanding the biology of human emotion gives teachers valuable insights into
behavioural issues, and how restorative approaches can work so well to build and
nurture relationships in a school. This workshop draws from a number of areas in
psychology to help us better understand human behaviour and motivation, how
restorative processes work, and how to build psychological resilience and develop
learning skills. The psychology of the learning process is explored to help us develop
pedagogy that builds relationship while challenging students to academic success.

For more information about the program and presenter Graeme George, click here.


New Membership Initiative

Membership is open to practitioners of RJ throughout the world and across its various fields.  In the current economic climate, we are keenly aware that the building of an organisation truly supportive of practitioners has required an alteration in our membership categories and fees. We have therefore made the necessary changes in order to encourage expansion of our membership base.

Annual membership dues are $44 AUD.

We acknowledge that there are many ways of working restoratively and would like to openly encourage diverse practice to prosper.  We have much to learn from each other and much to share about what works within the communities that we serve. Find Out More →

Our History

Initially established as the Australasian Restorative Justice Association (ARJA) in 1997, RPI was the fruition of a long-held dream of founding member Peta Blood to establish support mechanisms for practitioners working in the then relatively isolated fields of  Restorative Practice. Find Out More →