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Who We Are

Restorative Practices International

A World-Wide Association for Restorative Practitioners

RPI is an independent professional member organisation designed to support practitioners working in diverse areas of Restorative Justice and related fields.  Formed by practitioners for practitioners, we are adamant that we have a lot to learn from one another and that our work will be stronger for our ability to:

* develop and maintain best practice
* learn from diverse areas of practice
* enhance networking within the field
* share developments, and
* work together.

Whilst established in Australia by Australian based practitioners, the original RPI steering committee had world-wide support for this initiative. The current board has multi-national representation from diverse fields of restorative justice. We continue to diversify board membership and currently have representation from Australia, Canada, the USA and New Zealand.

RPI Board

The Inaugural RPI Board took office on 23 February 2009 when RPI was officially constituted as a not-for profit company limited by guarantee. The board has approved a staggered approach to replacing board members in the hope of bringing in new faces and fresh ideas whilst not losing organisational knowledge.