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Useful RJ Links

Restorative Justice Networking Sites

Restorative Justice Online


Developed by Prison Fellowship International, RJ online is a clearing house of information including research tools, bibliographies, training, tutorials and expert articles on Restorative Justice.

RP for Schools


Developed by a secondary school teacher, restorative practitioner and trainer from Brisbane, Australia. On the site you will find links to important websites, articles, books and videos on Restorative Practices in the School setting, as well some of the locally-produced resources that are in use within the school here.

The Tomkins Institute – Applied Studies in Motivation, Emotion, and Cognition


If you know of a great site for our members and others who may be interested in this field, please let us know via the form on our Contact Us page.

Other Links of Interest:

For a pdf file of some of the most recent books, articles & links in RJ/RP (with thanks to our colleagues in the Restorative Justice Division of the Correctional Service Canada): click here

Punishment and Forgiveness Research Findings:

One of the inevitable things in life is that someone will do or say something to upset and hurt us. While forgiveness is a good way to overcome such hurts, we also don’t want people to get away with what they did. So my colleagues and I set out to test whether it’s possible to forgive and get justice. Read more….


Six victims talk about their experience confronting offenders in prison through the Sycamore Tree Project, Queensland, Australia: Aug 2014

The Neuroscience of Restorative Justice: a Ted Talk by Daniel Reisel: filmed 13 Feb 13

Freedom Project trains prisoners in nonviolent communication and meditation. Two complementary studies of its effects are reported: 11 Feb 14

Criminal Justice:

Victims to have greater say on rj press release - RJA Press Release 8 Dec 2014

Mythology Parading as Opinion – Mike Yardley and Restorative Justice by Kim  Workman

Wairarapa stabbing victim forgives attacker after restorative justice process. Wairarapa Times-Age: 15 May 14

Six Years of Progress of the Youth Courts of New Zealand detailed in the  current issue of The Rangatahi Courts Newsletter: 4 April 14

Reoffending analysis for New Zealand restorative justice cases 2008–2011: 3 April 14

Restorative Justice Conferences continue to empower victims: 3 April 14

Victims of sexual violence may be able to confront attackers under RJ: 14 Feb 14

International study finds crime levels cut after offenders meet: 14 Feb 14

Restorative justice in the Australian criminal justice system No. 127: Feb 14. The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) released a new study which allows a longitudinal comparison with similar research prepared by the AIC in 2002.


Towards equitable outcomes in secondary schools NZ: Good practice  29 May 2014

Schools That Work: for a brief video of the restorative circle work being done in Glendale, California, USA at Glendale Elementary School click here

New York City prepares to rethink school discipline; restorative justice in action: 23 June 2014

In a Los Angeles California high school, Joseph Luciani coaches teachers on restorative disciplinary practices, community building & circle processes with students: 13 June 2014

UTSA Lecturer Reduces School Suspensions by 84 Percent: May 2014

Proven success reducing school violence and dropout rates: 4 Feb 14

Restorative Circles program builds empathy, conflict resolution skills in middle school students: 16 Jan 14

With restorative justice, going to the principal’s office won’t ever be the same: 22 Jan 14

Sexual Violence Research Project:

Research project: Developing integrated responses to sexual violence: An interdisciplinary research project on the potential of restorative justice. For more information and to become involved click here.